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Two sustainable sub-delta ecosystems

Dependable potable water supply

Transportation and Economic Development Corridor

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Introduction of river water/sediment nutrients to wetlands

Reduction of Mississippi River Flood Elevations

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Reduction of Mississippi River Maintenance Dredging

Reduction of Anoxic Conditions in Gulf of Mexico

Even with current site-specific coastal restoration projects, the Barataria-Terrebonne basins in southeast Louisiana continue to lose land at rates of 10 to 11 square miles per year. Drastic times require drastic action. The only way to save our valuable natural resources and a culture and livelihood unlike any other in the nation involves large-scale, long-term restoration projects like the Third Delta Conveyance Channel, an important part of the state's $14 billion comprehensive coastal restoration plan known as COAST 2050.

The Third Delta Conveyance Channel project signifies a return to the natural, delta-building system that, thousands of years ago, created the wetlands now at risk. By serving as a new freshwater lifeline leading from the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico, the Third Delta proposal would provide sediment and invigorating nutrients to the Louisiana's coastal marshes experiencing the greatest land loss.

Third Delta Conveyance Channel General Pathway

A major diversion channel, capable of carrying freshwater and sediment at a rate of 20,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) would be constructed to create a self-sustaining channel of 200,000 cfs. This channel would begin on the west bank of the Mississippi River just downstream of Donaldsonville (A), and would proceed south and east generally paralleling the Bayou Lafourche Ridge (B). A water control structure would be located at the diversion point on the river.

Approximately 30 miles downstream, the main channel would divide into two smaller channels in the vicinity of Lake Beouf (C). One branch would flow into the areas west of Bayou Lafourche (F) and the other would continue to the east (I).

Each of these smaller distributary channels would create a sub-delta lobe in the lower Terrebonne (G) and Barataria (J) basins approximately 30 miles further downstream.

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